Guillaume Friloux


  • French
  • Native speaker
  • English
  • Read/Write
Work Experience

Nov 2013 - present

Software Architect at ASP France:

Software architect on Backup project.

Author of Server monitoring software over XMPP (Handles hundreds of servers).

Portage of apps under Mac OSX, FreeBSD, GNU/Linux, Windows.

Sep 2007 - Nov 2013

C Developer at ASP64:

Software architect on multiple internal projects.

Seek and removal of software bottlenecks.

In charge of pentesting softwares.

Imported EFL into our projects.

Initiated a project to automate installation and setup of servers using PXE boot and web interface.

Started a project allowing to manage servers over XMPP, using EFL.

Started a project that streams syslog messages of servers into an external database (ElasticSearch).

Rewrote ASP64's backup solutions using EFL.

Apr 2007 - Jun 30 2007

Web developer at City council of Ustaritz:

Rewrite of the website from scratch.

Mar 2006 - Jun 2006

Network Administrator at Airbase 118:

Network administrator for army (End of study internship)

Setup of routers on classified and confidential defense networks

Replaced internet gateway, adding authentification proxy and filtering.

2005 - Jun 2005

Web developer at 5th attack helicopter:

Wrote a webapp for managing stocks of informatic hardware (School project).


2005-09-01 till 2006-07-01



Developer of the year




Programming (Master): Shell, C, Valgrind, GDB, SQL

Protocols (Master): XMPP, HTTP, FTP

Web programming (Beginner): PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Operating systems (advanced): Archlinux, FreeBSD, Debian, Gentoo